Preventive Maintenance


We can provide help for your garbage disposal. If you are experiencing problems, feel free to give us a call and one of our licensed technicians will be at your home to diagnose and service your garbage disposal. Our goal is to provide you with superior service at an affordable cost with a smile.

Here are some preventative tips to help you avoid breakdowns and stoppages when using your garbage disposal appliance:

Do not treat your garbage disposal appliance as a trash can. It is only meant to help you dispose of small leftover food items and related trash. Putting too much into your garbage disposal can cause it to malfunction or damage your appliance altogether.

You should sharpen the blades inside the garbage disposal appliance every few months or so. This can be accomplished by throwing in some cubes of ice and let it run through to let the blades sharpen themselves. This will keep your appliance running at maximum efficiency.

Make sure you add water before, after, and during use of your garbage disposal appliance in order to prevent items from being stuck there and to aid the blades of your appliance in breaking down the leftover food and trash that you are putting into it.

If you find that your garbage disposal appliance is not running all of a sudden, it may not be an electrical issue at all. Look for the small reset button and press on it. Sometimes all it takes is a push of a button to get your garbage disposal working again.

Be sure not to put any fat or oil products down your garbage disposal. Doing so could cause the blades to jam and slow down due to the grease and oil. Instead, you can try to empty your fat and oil into a trash can.

What makes us unique is that we want to be able to give you the best price for quality service. This is why we will match any competitor’s signed quote and honor coupons from our competitors. Affordable Home Services wants to be your preferred service and repair provider. We can give you the garbage disposal help you need to get your home appliance up and running again. We even offer a 12-month warranty for labor. Rest assured.


If your freezer is having problems keeping your items at the temperature desired, Affordable Home Services can help you with troubleshooting your freezer. Freezer problems are a common occurrence, and our team of trained specialists will help you diagnose and fix the problem that is causing your freezer to malfunction. We’ll help you make sure your food stays frozen to preserve freshness.

Here are some things to remember about maintaining and keeping your freezer running properly at all times:

You should make an effort to clean your coils on the freezer at least once or twice a year depending on location or pet traffic near freezer. This can prevent stoppages and issues with malfunctioning.
Be sure to clean up any spills immediately to prevent any liquids from freezing and sticking to your freezer. By not doing so, it could damage your seals, which will incur additional expenses to have them replaced.
In order to prevent your food from cross-contamination, make sure that your food is placed into tightly sealed containers.
Remember to clean your freezer properly, at least once a year, by defrosting it with a mild soap and warm water. Discard any food with freezer burn or food that is already past its recommended shelf life.
Remember that freezers work more efficiently when they’re full. However, please make sure that you do not overfill your freezer so that air is unable to circulate throughout the appliance. This would prevent some items in your freezer from freezing properly and doesn’t keep food as fresh.
Our goal is to deliver superior service at all times. Also know that you are getting the best deal with us as we will honor competitor coupons, and even match a competitor’s signed quote on our service calls. We also offer a 12-month warranty to ensure your freezer and refrigerator troubleshooting call is an investment worth your while. We’re here for you and your appliances, and we want to help you save money.


It can’t be helped. Dishwasher problems are a common occurrence you have to deal with at your home. Fortunately, Affordable Home Services is here to help. One phone call and our licensed technicians will arrive at your home to diagnose and recommend the most cost-effective way to solve the problem. We strive to be your preferred service provider with a smile.

The following is some information that can help you identify possible dishwasher problems that may be affecting your appliance:

You have noticed that your dishwasher unit is making more noise than it usually does.

You notice that there is some leakage affecting your dishwasher appliance.

There is an error message that you did not see before in the electronic display.

One complete cycle takes longer than usual or if you notice there is still food items stuck on your dishes after the wash.

Water is not coming into the dishwasher normally or that there is drainage issue when the cycle is complete.

You see that the dishes are not completely dried after your dishwasher completes its wash cycle.

The door on your dishwasher does not seem to be opening or closing properly or that your dish racks appear to be broken.

The cleaning cycle ends before it is completed.

The spinning rotator inside your dishwasher is not spinning as it should, or it does not seem to be moving at all.
You notice that there is a strange odor coming from the inside of your dishwasher.

You smell something burning inside your dishwasher. For this issue, you should call us as soon as possible to get your appliance checked out before it causes damage to other related appliances in your home.

You notice that the compartment holding the dishwasher fluid is broken or does not seem to be working properly.
If you are experiencing any of the problems above, give us a call and we will come out to help you with it right away. What separates us from the crowd is that we want to offer the best service at a low price guarantee. This means, we price-match signed quotes from the competition. We honor coupons from our competitors. We will also give you our unmatched 12-month warranty for the labor provided. It’s that good. Give us a call today!


It’s not easy to fix a clothes dryer on your own. If you are stressed out with clothes dryer troubleshooting, Affordable Home Services is here to help. We offer affordable clothes dryer maintenance and repair services to ensure that your investment is taken care of. Our technicians are trained and licensed to help you resolve the problem. Best of all, we offer a low price guarantee.

Every appliance in your home has average lifetime expectancy. If you maintain your appliances on a regular basis, however, you can greatly extend the expectancy of your appliance, which will help you save money on replacement costs. Here are some tips that can help you with the upkeep of your dryer to prevent breakage and disruptions of service:

When checking out any problems or doing any troubleshooting on your unit, make sure to unplug your appliance to avoid shocks.

Be sure to use a properly grounded outlet when you have your dryer plugged in.

You should empty the lint holder in your dryer every so often to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency.

Make sure that your dryer is venting faced out, not faced in to let the heat out of the appliance.

Remember to clean the complete vent system at least once every year. This cleaning should include both the interior and exterior ducting as well as any related components.

When washing your clothes, try not to overload the machine with jeans or other types of heaving clothing. This can cause your motor to overwork itself, which can lead to breakage and damage to your appliance. Instead, separate your clothes into smaller loads.

Do not use any type of spray cleaners on top of the unit. The chemicals in spray cleaners can cause serious damage to the porcelain on your dryer. Instead, use a little bit of detergent with a warm cloth of water.

You can wash your dryer with some soap and water to maintain its look and finish.

Be sure that your dryer is level with the ground.

Every service call is backed by a 12-month labor guarantee, meaning that if we did not fix your problem, we will back to help at no extra charge. If you find a lower price elsewhere, we’ll match it. In fact, we’ll even take coupons that your competitors are offering.


Our team of specialists is fully trained to service and repair your refrigerator. Please give us a call when your refrigerator needs service as it can be dangerous for you to do it yourself. Affordable Home Services will arrive on site, help you pin point the problem, and find the most cost-effective solution for your refrigerator. We service and repair all major brands.

The following is additional information that you should know about your refrigerator:

If you feel that your refrigerator isn’t running properly or is not currently cold enough, try boosting it to the next level on the thermostat. Run this for 24 hours and then check to see if it’s at the temperature that you desire.
When purchasing a new refrigerator, always keep it away from heat sources including: your range, heater, or anything else that may radiate heat. This helps to ensure your refrigerator keeps your items inside cool.
Do not place refrigerators on carpet as this can restrict airflow. Place it on tile or linoleum to let the air flow freely. This ensures that it will function properly.

You should always plug in the refrigerator directly into the wall. This can prevent burning out the compressor and prevents anyone from tripping over extension cords.

You should consider cleaning the condenser coils regularly (at least once every six months). This will help to prevent buildup that may cause overheating.

To avoid any type of bad odors in your refrigerator, make sure that the food inside is well-covered. You can also place an open package of baking soda on the top shelf to absorb any potential bad odors and keep your food smelling fresh.

If you find that your ice maker is not working properly, check to see if it has been turned off. Then check for a jammed ice chute or leaking water tube that may be preventing it from functioning.

Here at Affordable Home Services we stand by our work. This means we will guarantee our work with a 12-month labor warranty with the option to extend it to 24-months. This is a benefit that you will not find at other repair companies. We also offer a low price guarantee. We will beat any competitor’s signed refrigerator repair quote. Our service is what separates us from the competition. We care about your investment.


You can count on Affordable Home Services for your cook-top and range repair service and maintenance. Our fully trained and licensed team will arrive at your home to diagnose the problem, and then perform the oven repair at a cost that’s affordable. You can count on us to find the most cost-effective solution for your problem.

Here are some issues you may want to keep in mind that may affect your oven’s ability to function properly when in use:

You may see defective wiring that could require replacing or repair in order for your oven to continue to function optimally.

Your oven does not heat anymore so your food is unable to be cooked.

Your oven does not self-clean when it is supposed to.

The food inside your oven is not baking evenly so only part of your food is cooked properly after the time that you set.
The burner on your oven is at the same temperature. You are unable to adjust the temperature even though you are turning the dial manually.

Your food is not cooked properly as the heat is not at a suitable level.

The oven timer cannot be adjusted properly and the oven tells you your food is ready when it is still in the cooking process.

Your oven lamp is not turning on or is not working to help properly heat your food.

The door is broken (either won’t open or won’t close)

You are unable to handle your food in the oven because the heat is too intense.

You notice that there is sparking in your oven, which makes it dangerous for you to cook or handle your food.
Your oven simply would not work and your food is not cooked properly. This means your oven needs service right away.

As a trusted provider of hundreds of customers through our service history, you know you will be getting your dollars’ worth. We honor coupons from competitors and we’ll also price-match your signed quote from any competitor in the market. In fact, we also offer a 12-month labor warranty to ensure that your range is still working properly within one year of the service date. If you have questions about your oven repair and maintenance, please give us a call today.

In addition, learn how to protect your cook-top, oven, and range by checking out the summary of tips and advice.


Having problems with your microwave troubleshooting? Save time by having our fully trained and licensed technicians help you with your microwave oven. With just one call, we will arrive at your home to help you diagnose the problem and recommend a solution that is effective and affordable.

Here are some signs and symptoms that your microwave might need troubleshooting help. Feel free to call us with any questions regarding the following:

Your microwave sounds like it is working fine, but you find the food inside is not being cooked properly.
The light inside the microwave is not working properly and does not turn on when it should be on.
The digital clock does not seem to be working properly even though you have tried to configure it.
The microwave door does not close properly. The hinge does not look like it is working.

The cooking temperature cannot be changed even though you are trying to adjust it. This leaves your food either overcooked or undercooked.

The bottom plate inside the microwave is not turning properly. As a result, your food is not being cooked thoroughly or evenly.

Your microwave timer is off so that your food is not ready at the time you choose for your food.
Your microwave timer is not working at all, so you do not know how long your food is being placed inside the appliance.

The heat of your microwave is unsteady. It may be too hot or too cold at times, which causes the temperature of your food to be incorrect.

When you shut the door of your microwave, it may not be working properly depending on how hard you shut it. This means your microwave only works some of the time when it should always be working.

We’re here to help you with these problems so that your appliance will be in working order once again. In fact, we will price-match any competitor’s signed quote. We will also honor competitor discount coupons. Working with Affordable Home Services, you can rest assured you are getting a low price guarantee and best all-around deal. And the best part is you will be receiving superior service with a smile. So if you need help with microwave troubleshooting, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


If your appliance is not performing up to factory specifications, please notify us within 7 days of the completion of the repair and we will come back out and resolve the issue.

Up to 5 Year WARRANTY

We are proud of the quality of our work and strive to increase the longevity of your appliances to run trouble-free for many years. To ensure this, we offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Our warranty is in addition to the manufacturers, we stand behind our service. All residential repairs include a 12-month labor warranty. Parts Warranties most are usually 90 days and some are up to 5-Years.

We are State licensed and insured for your protection. We offer expert appliance repair service no matter what the situation. Our technicians are factory trained and up to date with the ever changing industry. With our appliance repair experts you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time. We use Factory Specified Parts, FSP or Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM. Affordable offers “THE BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY”, “UNMATCHED by any COMPETITOR”. When possible we always use parts “Made in USA”.

Most repairs are completed in 1 trip. We carry 90% of most parts for the most common repairs.

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